Startup Program

Get free enterprise plan, no matter your startup stage, Status-Page will provide the program that fits your needs.


About the program

The program offer free services for startups, no matter the stage of the startup (Pre-seed, Seed, Scale-Up,...) for a specific time. With the program you get :

  • Monitoring the availability and uptime of your websites
  • Make sure with Heartbeaths, that your processes or crons are correctly running
  • Monitor your SSL certificates, making sure to renew them before they expire
  • Receive notifications with your preferred channel (E-mails, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Discord, ...)
  • Provide a status page to ur customer for transparency

Why us?

Customer service
Our support team will help you with any questions you may have regarding our service.
You control all the data that you bring within your account on our website.
We focus on delivering the best experience to you, as we fully understand how valuable time is.

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Track the uptime of your servers & display their stats on a status page.